May 4 2020: Robert Hicks, former Director of the Mütter Museum, explains why it can be hard for individuals to accept a pandemic and the regulations that come with it (Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer)

First off, foresight is not a particular skill for most of us, experts say. And “live free or die” is more than a slogan; it’s an apt description for the mindset of many Americans. Finally, it is hard to assess the threat of an enemy you can’t see, like the coronavirus.


May 3 2020: College Fellow and Trustee, Paul Offit, MD, appeared on Today to talk about the U.S. re-opening

Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and co-inventor of the rotavirus vaccine, joins Sunday TODAY’s Willie Geist to discuss the reopening of state economies and how it would be “unprecedentedly quick” to have a coronavirus vaccine by January.