September 8 2020: Board President and College Fellow Thomas Fekete, MD, MACP, discusses the length of time individuals should consider themselves contagious after being diagnosed with COVID-19 (Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Kicking off a new and unusual school year? Limit COVID-19 disruptions by understanding how long the virus is contagious, how long symptoms may persist and whether it’s possible to get reinfected.


August 14 2020: Board Trustee and College Fellow Paul Offit, MD, explores the complex issue of distribution once a vaccine for COVID-19 is available Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer)

The process of distributing 240 million doses to 120 million of the country’s critical workers and most vulnerable will be an enormous undertaking, health experts said.


June 30 2020: College Trustee and Fellow Priya Mammen, MD, MPH, discusses how important she finds community support and family connection through activities like dining out but also the need to do so with attention and safety as the pandemic is ongoing

A physician says outdoor dining should be safe with extreme caution, while a resident of the suburbs argues that safety parameters vary by neighborhood.


June 28 2020: College Fellow David Fajgenbaum, MD, MBA, brings a unique perspective to his review of the medications currently being tested to treat COVID-19

Against epic odds, Dr. David Fajgenbaum found a drug that saved his own life. Then a global pandemic hit. Now his lab has devoted nearly all of its resources to aiding doctors fighting the novel coronavirus.